*Please see the new guidelines here for FHA Streamline Refinance loans that go into effect November 18,2009!*

FHA Streamline Refinance program highlights:

–  No appraisal

–  No income qualification

–  No credit check (except mortgage pay history)

–  LOW cost

–  Easy, no hassle process

–  Skip a mortgage payment (or two)

–  Refinance out of your Adjustable Mortgage into a fixed rate!

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Qualification requirements:

1.  Must currently have an FHA loan (streamline is an FHA-to-FHA transaction).

2.  No cash out allowed- can only refinance existing balance.

3.  Must have stable employment in same line of work for at least the past 2 years.  Exceptions are possible.

4.  No other non-mortgage liens on your home’s title (tax liens, judgements, etc).

5.  Maximum of one 30 day late on your mortgage over the past 12 months.

Does an FHA streamline refinance make sense for me?

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